Dir Upper

**Dir Upper Tourist Guide**

Welcome to the serene landscapes of Dir Upper, a region nestled in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. This guide, proudly presented by Kumrat Tourism Private Limited, invites you to explore the natural beauty, cultural richness, and warm hospitality that define Dir Upper.

*Location and Distance:*
Dir Upper is situated in the northern part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, approximately 175 kilometers northwest of Islamabad. Accessible by road, the journey to Dir Upper offers breathtaking views of lush green valleys and picturesque mountains.

*Best Time to Visit:*
The best time to visit Dir Upper is during the spring and summer months, from April to September. During this period, the weather is mild, and the landscape is adorned with colorful blossoms, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

*Tourist Attractions:*
1. **Kumrat Valley:**
Explore the enchanting Kumrat Valley, known for its pristine landscapes, lush meadows, and crystal-clear rivers. The valley offers opportunities for trekking, camping, and enjoying the tranquility of nature.

2. **Laram Top:**
Visit Laram Top for panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, including the mesmerizing Hindu Kush range. It’s a perfect spot for a day picnic or a short trek to immerse yourself in the natural beauty.

3. **Jahaz Banda:**
Jahaz Banda, meaning ‘Ship’s Meadow,’ is a picturesque meadow surrounded by snow-capped peaks. It’s a trekker’s paradise and a great place to witness the local culture of the indigenous communities.

4. **Barawal Bandah:**
Discover the scenic Barawal Bandah, a serene lake surrounded by lush greenery. It’s an ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

5. **Dir Fort:**
Explore the historical Dir Fort, which stands as a testament to the region’s rich history. The fort offers a glimpse into the architectural and cultural heritage of Dir Upper.

Dir Upper provides a range of accommodation options, from guesthouses to local lodges. Visitors can experience warm hospitality and immerse themselves in the local culture. Some recommended options include Dir Continental Hotel and Kumrat Jungle Resort.

*Getting There:*
Travel to Dir Upper by road from Islamabad, enjoying the scenic journey through the Swat Valley. The well-maintained road network makes it accessible for travelers seeking a peaceful and picturesque retreat.

Discover the hidden treasures of Dir Upper with Kumrat Tourism Private Limited. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders and cultural richness that make this region a perfect destination for those seeking tranquility and adventure.


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kumrat valley dujanga

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