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Celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd’s exciting tour packages to the picturesque Northern Regions of Pakistan! Embark on a memorable journey with your friends and family, exploring the breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures of Pakistan’s northern areas. Our Filmy Tour promises an unforgettable experience filled with adventure and beauty.


Kalam Valley, Kumrat Valley, Gilgit, Skardu, Chitral Valley, Kalash Valley, and Kashmir

Group Eid Tour Package List

Group Eid Tour Package List

Included in the Package:

  • Transportation from Islamabad
  • Accommodation in scenic locations
  • Delicious meals showcasing local cuisine
  • Guided tours to each destination
  • Cultural experiences and interactions
  • Safety and comfort ensured throughout the journey

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About Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd:

Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd is a leading travel company specializing in tours to the Northern Regions of Pakistan. With a commitment to providing exceptional experiences, we ensure every journey is memorable, safe, and filled with adventure.

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