A view of the Malam Jabba chairlift.

A view of the Malam Jabba chairlift.

Snowfall may just be another part of everyday life for the people living in the country’s northern areas. But the white blanket of pure snow has captivated and enthralled citizens from across the country as they arrive in droves to take in the sights and partake in a snow-related activity or two.

In summer, tourists visit the mountainous region to experience Swat valley’s lush meadows and forests, pristine glacial lakes and roaring rivers. However, come winter, the scenic valley is transformed into a white wonderland, offering tourists multiple opportunities for fun and adventure.

Malam Jabba, Gabin Jabba, Miandam, Matiltan, Kalam, Utror, Gabral, Matiltan, Mahodand, Loye Sar are some of the mountain resorts where tourists opt to spend their winter vacations.

This winter, a large number of tourists have travelled to the valley to take in the sights.

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