Kund Banda

Discover Kumrat Valley, the northern most beautiful natural region of Pakistan from Islamabad in a very short time

 If you want to discover a beautiful area in three days or two nights from Islamabad 

So you can see the beautiful scenery of the area in the following pictures in a very short time.

It is situated in the beautiful Panchkora River in the Kumrat Valley. This is the beautiful river that gave immense beauty to Kumrat Valley and it is also a masterpiece of nature.
Kund Banda
Kund Banda, which is located near Jahaz Banda, is currently one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan and is visited by a large number of tourists.
Saidgai lake
SayedGayi Lake which is located in ushiri Dara Dir Upper.You can discover this lake from Dir Bala town in about one night and one day.
Jahaz Banda
U Beautiful Meadows which belongs to Jahaz Banda and is located in Dir Upper KPK Pakistan.
Baab E Kumrat
Bab Kumrat which is located in Dir Chitral Road Chikkatan in Dir District ۔This is the gateway to Kumrat Valley which welcomes you to Kumrat Valley on the way. Remember that Kumarat Tourism Pvt Ltd office is also located here
Kumrat Valley
This beautiful scenery is outside a hotel in Kamrat Valley

The writer : Muhammad Usman CEO at Kumrat Tourism SMC-PVT Limited ®

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