Til To Taki TOP Jahaz Banda 2 Day 4×4 Jeep For Rant

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This vehicle Toyota Prado which was sent to you on the first day from Tal to Taki Top. On the first day, you will be dropped to Taki Top. From Talky Top you will tour the Banda and Katora Lake by boat after which you will be transferred back to Tal Kohistan from Taki Top on the second day in Asr to Maghrib time.

When you leave the car at Taki Top on the first day, when you return from Banda on the second day, you have to contact the driver or the company, then the car will arrive there to pick you up from Taki Top. And the car will drop you back from the Taki Top. In case of any problem you can contact the help number of the company.

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On the first day, this vehicle will be sent to you from Tal Kohistan to Talky Top. On the second day, these vehicles will drop you back from Taki Top to Til.


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