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Welcome to Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd, your gateway to investing in the flourishing tourism industry of Pakistan. Discover lucrative opportunities in one of the most diverse and beautiful regions of the world.

Why Invest in Pakistan Tourism?

The Potential for Growth

Tourism investment is a strategic move to leverage capital in developing tourism activities within a country. In Pakistan, this translates to a vast array of opportunities, including hotels, resorts, camping facilities, chairlifts, tourist parks, and transportation infrastructure. The tourism sector in Pakistan is not only a significant revenue generator but also fosters indirect income, attracts international investments, and opens new avenues for trade.

About Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd

At Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd, we are committed to unlocking the full potential of Pakistan’s natural beauty. Our research team has meticulously analyzed the demands of both domestic and international tourists across various regions. This has led to the development of comprehensive business projects focusing on the natural wonders of Pakistan.

Businesses Involved

  • Hotels & Guest Houses
  • Camping Resorts
  • Pods Resorts
  • Domes Resorts
  • Chair Lifts
  • Public Parks
  • Food Restaurants
  • Fishing Spots
  • Ziplines
  • Transportation.

Hotels & Guest Houses

Hotels & Guest Houses
  • Market Demand: The demand for hotels and guest houses in Pakistan’s tourist areas is consistently high, especially during peak seasons. Tourists, both domestic and international, seek comfortable and affordable accommodation options.
  • Profitability: Hotels and guest houses can be highly profitable, with occupancy rates varying based on location and facilities offered. With proper management, these businesses can generate substantial revenue.
  • Investment Advice: Consider investing in areas with high tourist footfall, such as popular valleys, lakesides, or near tourist attractions. Offering unique amenities and excellent customer service can help attract more guests.
  • Profit Margin: Profit margins for hotels and guest houses can range from 20% to 40%, depending on occupancy rates, pricing strategy, and operational efficiency.

Camping Resorts

  • Market Demand: Camping resorts cater to adventure-seeking tourists who prefer outdoor experiences. With the rise in eco-tourism and nature enthusiasts, the demand for camping resorts in Pakistan’s scenic locations is increasing.
  • Profitability: Camping resorts offer a unique experience and can be profitable with proper marketing and facilities. They attract both budget-conscious travelers and those seeking a closer connection to nature.
  • Investment Advice: Investing in eco-friendly facilities and providing activities like hiking, bonfires, and stargazing can enhance the appeal of camping resorts.
  • Profit Margin: Profit margins for camping resorts can range from 25% to 50%, depending on the services offered and operational costs.

Wood Pods Resorts

Pods Resorts
  • Market Demand: Wood Pods resorts are a relatively new concept, offering futuristic and compact accommodation. They appeal to travelers looking for a unique and modern stay experience.
  • Profitability: The novelty of pods resorts can attract curious tourists, and their efficient use of space can lead to cost savings. Marketing these as a “glamping” option can also increase profitability.
  • Investment Advice: Consider locations with scenic views or near adventure activities. Focus on the futuristic design and comfort of the pods to differentiate from traditional accommodations.
  • Profit Margin: Profit margins for pods resorts can range from 30% to 50%, depending on location, pricing, and facilities.

Domes Resorts

Domes Resorts
  • Market Demand: Domes resorts offer a blend of nature and luxury, appealing to travelers seeking unique and Instagram-worthy stays. The demand for experiential travel has boosted interest in domes resorts.
  • Profitability: Domes resorts often command higher prices due to their exclusive feel and picturesque settings. They attract honeymooners, couples, and travelers looking for a romantic escape.
  • Investment Advice: Invest in locations with stunning natural backdrops, such as mountains, valleys, or forests. Focus on creating a serene and luxurious atmosphere within the domes.
  • Profit Margin: Profit margins for domes resorts can range from 40% to 60%, given their premium pricing and high-end amenities.

Chair Lifts

Chair Lifts
  • Market Demand: Chair lifts are essential for accessing mountainous regions and providing tourists with breathtaking views. They are crucial for enhancing the overall tourist experience.
  • Profitability: Chair lifts can be profitable, especially in areas with heavy tourist traffic. They offer a convenient mode of transportation and an attraction in themselves.
  • Investment Advice: Consider installing chair lifts in areas with natural attractions, such as hill stations, valleys, or hiking trails. Offering combo tickets with other attractions can boost revenue.
  • Profit Margin: Profit margins for chair lifts can range from 30% to 50%, depending on ticket pricing, maintenance costs, and visitor numbers.

Public Parks

Public Parks
  • Market Demand: Public parks provide recreational spaces for both locals and tourists. They are essential for families, picnickers, and nature lovers looking for open green spaces.
  • Profitability: While public parks may not directly generate revenue, they contribute to the overall appeal of a tourist destination. They can attract visitors who spend money on nearby attractions and facilities.
  • Investment Advice: Focus on creating well-maintained parks with amenities like playgrounds, walking trails, and seating areas. Public-private partnerships can help with maintenance and upgrades.
  • Profit Margin: Profit margins for public parks are indirect and depend on the economic activity they stimulate in the surrounding area.

Food Restaurants

Food Restaurants
  • Market Demand: Food is an integral part of the travel experience, and tourists often seek local cuisine and dining options. Restaurants catering to diverse tastes and budgets have a steady demand.
  • Profitability: Restaurants can be highly profitable, especially when offering unique dishes, exceptional service, and a welcoming ambiance. Location and menu variety play crucial roles.
  • Investment Advice: Invest in areas with high foot traffic, such as near tourist attractions, markets, or hotels. Consider offering a mix of local specialties and international cuisine.
  • Profit Margin: Profit margins for restaurants can vary widely from 20% to 60%, depending on pricing, overhead costs, and popularity.

Fishing Spots

Fishing Spots
  • Market Demand: Fishing spots appeal to anglers and nature enthusiasts seeking relaxation and outdoor activities. Pakistan’s rivers, lakes, and streams offer diverse fishing opportunities.
  • Profitability: Fishing spots can be profitable, especially when combined with other services like boat rentals, fishing gear sales, and accommodations. They attract a niche market of fishing enthusiasts.
  • Investment Advice: Develop fishing spots with proper facilities like docks, boats, and fishing gear rentals. Marketing to fishing clubs and enthusiasts can increase patronage.
  • Profit Margin: Profit margins for fishing spots can range from 20% to 40%, depending on services offered, maintenance costs, and popularity.


  • Market Demand: Ziplines are adrenaline-pumping attractions that appeal to thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts. They provide a unique perspective of natural landscapes.
  • Profitability: Ziplines can be highly profitable, attracting tourists looking for exciting experiences. They are relatively low in maintenance and can be marketed as a must-do activity.
  • Investment Advice: Invest in areas with scenic views and natural features that enhance the ziplining experience. Safety is paramount, so ensure proper equipment and staff training.
  • Profit Margin: Profit margins for ziplines can range from 40% to 70%, depending on pricing, operational costs, and visitor numbers.


  • Market Demand: Efficient transportation is crucial for tourism, especially in remote or mountainous areas. Tourists rely on transportation services to access attractions and move around comfortably.
  • Profitability: Transportation services can be profitable, particularly when catering to tourists’ specific needs like airport transfers, guided tours, and customized itineraries.
  • Investment Advice: Invest in a fleet of vehicles suitable for the terrain, such as jeeps, vans, or buses. Offer packages that include transportation with accommodation or tour bookings.
  • Profit Margin: Profit margins for transportation services can range from 20% to 40%, depending on the services offered, fuel costs, and demand.

Where We Operate

Investing with Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd means tapping into the prime tourism spots of Pakistan’s northern regions, such as:

  • Kumrat Valley
  • Dir District
  • Kalam Valley
  • Swat
  • Jahaz Banda Meadows
  • Katora Lake
  • Shahi Bagh Swat
  • Mahodand Lake
  • Malam Jabba
  • Chitral Valley
  • Kalash Valley
  • Gilgit-Baltistan
  • Skardu
  • Naran Kaghan
  • Besham
  • Mansehra
  • Azad Kashmir
  • Waziristan

How We Work

Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd facilitates investors in various ways:

  • Business Planning: From hotel and resort construction to planning and preparation, we provide a roadmap for success.
  • Complete Preparation: We offer full support in preparing the space and facilities for your venture.
  • Staffing: If needed, our expert staff can manage the day-to-day operations of your business.
  • Profit Sharing: Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd acts as a free partner, sharing in the success of the business.

Minimum Investment

You can start your journey in the Pakistan tourism industry with Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd with a minimum investment of 20 lakhs.

Legal Status

All legal rights and powers of the business will belong to the entrepreneur who invests. Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd serves as a supportive partner, ensuring your venture’s success.

Bright Future Ahead

Invest with us to not only grow your wealth but also contribute to the bright future of Pakistan’s tourism industry.

Ready to Invest? Contact Us Today! For more information on investing in the Pakistan tourism industry with Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd, please contact us or visit our offices.

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Invest in the flourishing Pakistan tourism industry with Kumrat Tourism Pvt Ltd. For more information and to discuss potential opportunities, contact Muhammad Usman today

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